Assignment 5: Applying the Techniques of Illustration and Narrative – Feedback

With the deadline for assignment looming tomorrow I have just realised that although I had received this feedback just in time I hadn’t written it up due to a quick trip to France and work commitments, so here in the nick of time is my opinions on the feedback received for my final assignment of the Art of Photography course.

I would like to start, how I have with the majority of feedback posts with a quote from my tutor in regards to the work,

“An empathy with your subject comes across clearly – there’s no sense of distance or exoticism in your approach which is refreshing, indicating a natural aptitude for documentary photography.”

Documentary photography, and recording people in general in natural environments is and has always been an element of photography that has drawn me in, the connection between the photographer and their subject coupled with the power the images can often portray is an effective and alluring tool for myself, although I am still developing my understanding and skill with narrative I am glad that my empathy and attitude when photographing in this situations shows a natural aptitude for documentary photography, something I am very proud of.

It is further noted in the beginning of the feedback that my choice of subject was a good one and that my planning was detailed and considered, I am glad this is the case and my gut feeling on the subject matter was correct. In turn the research into the event itself and the details of the day go hand in hand, helping me understand the mentality on the day, while also knowing where is best to be and at what time.

My title image, which repeats itself at the end of the article is commented as being a ‘decisive moment’ shot and that it is a shame the focus falls onto the back of the subject rather than between the two. I completely agree with this, it would have improved the image completely and I did aim to resolve this by trying to capture a similar opportunity but one did not present itself that provided such a clear view.

It is commented that I have “haven’t really managed to use time and progression to tell a story as requested in the brief ” Although I do appreciate that the narrative is perhaps not as strong or obvious as simpler options, in this case we see the congregation before setting off, then onto elements of the precession beginning as commented on in the captions, I do agree later on we see images that although do not fit in with the narrative they do however illustrate in depth the day and the connections between the Sikh community and the British population and architecture.

I have taken note of the idea of using contact sheets to accompany the images that didn’t quite make it to the assignment, I have included 4 sheets annotated within the final assignment.

I am glad that my assignment notes and writings are, thoughtful, well written and show depth of research into the subject, this is something I have slowly built upon over the academic year while the referencing system that I have been using does indeed fail to maintain the Harvard system, this is something I have had no experience of before so am still trying to get to grips with it and know I will ensure it will be sorted for the next level.

Overall I was very happy with the images produced for this assignment and with the comments received, especially the one quoted earlier. I feel this assignment has strongly showed my development through this course and time scale, my aptitude and ability to see a picture has improved as has my ability to understand why that image works both aesthetically and semiotically.

The link below is to the feedback I received:







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