Assignment 5: People and Place on Assignment – Feedback

I received this feedback middle of last week and have now come to the position after considering it and a short trip to France to writing about my understanding of the feedback received.

Notably the feedback begins by my tutor saying that this was a ‘very competent and professionally executed shoot’ a sentiment I was truly striving to attaint due to the importance and difference between photographs taken for oneself and this taken set to a brief for a client. As mentioned in the planning and the assignment itself, the assignment guide explains the difference between professional and amateur photography and with my desire to create a profession from photography I am very glad it was noted as being such, something I believe is a product of my development as a year ago I feel I would have not considered the right things to produce that, not just technically in the the low lighting but also the framing and composition ideas and steps I would take to produce that.

The images however are commented on as lacking narrative, and it is recommended that perhaps following the production of one instrument or style would have improved this. I would totally agree with that sentiment and certainly feel it would have tied all the images in together and produced a flowing narrative, however the time scale Brian works over would have meant me starting months before I had the opportunity to and also would have complimented the brief set by himself and I which was to produce a variety of images showing Brian and the workshop in a professional and overall manner which I feel these images do.

Another photograph that would perhaps have given more to a narrative is of him selecting wood from his store to start the production of an instrument, however I did ask about this during the shoot if it was possible but he doesn’t hold much on site as there is a shop in Winchester which he has built a relationship with and just walks there to pick it up. I therefore looked into this place and due to the lighting differences I didn’t feel it would fit in well with the other images.

Overall I can understand and appreciate the feedback received from my tutor and completely agree, however I was under the impression that the brief I set out is what I was working towards and I feel I have produced a selection of images that are professional in appearance both individually and as a group that suit the brief and assignment. I have over the course of this course worked on my narrative and have seen an improvement throughout the assignments and it is something I look forward to continuously develop.

Please find below the link to the feedback from my tutor.

Christopher Payne – 510927 – Photography 1 People & Place – Assignment 5-2


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