Sam Kaplan

For my final assignment in Digital Photographic Practise I want to look at advertising still life photography, both with a traditional feel and also with a contemporary feel. It was researching this work that brought me across the work of Sam Kaplan, a 28 year old commercial photographer from Boston, USA now residing in New York where he works in his studio. He studied traditional photography alongside conceptual sculpture at Wesleyan University where he received his B.A.

His commercial work is a constant mix of conceptual thinking and creative problem solving to enable him to create some spectacular photographs. The constant consideration throughout his portfolio enables us to look at his thought process through the product at its potential connotations, semiotics, or design to draw it together with the context it is photographed with.

sam-kaplan-06-600x450This first image of Kaplan’s is a brilliant use of colour and form to photograph the different colours of eggs. The conceptual composition shows great observational skill on the subject while the one half broken egg in the bottom right colour gives the image an immediate focal point with the brightness of the yellow. The form of the image is clear although subtle with only the slight shadow on the right of the subject, the control of the light here gives the tones a natural appearance that suit the image and allow the yellow to show well.

Sa_Ka3This second image is a interesting and precise composition that uses the textures of both the pencils and the shavings to give the image a dynamic feel. The shadows of this image, especially in the shavings really show the colour tones and give the image depth, with this coupled with the interesting lines both vertically in the pencils and with the wavy line go the points. Again as the previous image the yellow tones really catch the eye and the tones shown in the bitten pencils on the right of the frame add a further element of interest.

b06640aeead22375583e99dc01cc975cThis final image and perhaps my favourite of the three is a fun and conceptual take on headphone advertisement. The use of coloured balloons is an interesting take on the images of people wearing them in adverts. I like the way the balloons are maintained in a normal fashion in a cluster with the only difference being the headphones themselves. The juxtaposition is fun because of the shape of the balloons are similar to the human head but the bright colours separate that.


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