Assignment 5: People and Place on Assignment – Planning

For this final assignment for the People and Place course I am beginning to look at professional practice and the difference that makes to the photographer in respect to a specific brief, particular outcome and client. I have considered three different opportunities and options for this final assignment, each one offering a different process and outcome.

Firstly I have considered constructing the final assignment around a street photography theme, selecting an area or road within London and then focusing on the people within it, photographing them within the environment showing the connection between people and their place for a book publication about the chosen area, this book would be for local historians or photography collectors. This choice would allow me to work within a style of photography I enjoy which will hopefully be seen in the images once completed. The assignment itself would consist of between 8-12 photographs all in black and white that focus the viewer to the person and their connections with the area around them.

My second idea was to photograph the upcoming Watercress Festival in Alresford, Hampshire. This popular food festival built around the local speciality of watercress attracts all sorts of people from the local area and further afield. The event itself takes place in the town center with a selection of stalls both foods and crafts, displays from local chefs and a fun fair. I would set myself the brief of photographing the festival from the point of view of an event photographer, photographing the events highlights and people within it enjoying the festival, I would also produce a selection of images of varying scale, looking also at the overall festival and smaller at both products on sale and the watercress itself. The images would be used for future publications advertising the festival, while also shown on social media and their own website.

For my final choice I have the opportunity to photographer a local Winchester musician, music store owner, and custom guitar builder in his store/workshop in the city of Winchester. This exciting opportunity, I feel, would be a perfect opportunity to not only photograph someone passionate about their art but within their own environment, doing what they do best. The assignment would be best suited to a brief that allowed myself the photographer to photograph the subject in a relaxed fashion. Perhaps photographing him within his store for a magazine piece about him and the store, the images accompanying the interview/story. I really like this idea, the opportunity itself is more exciting and I feel allows more artistic control on the images that would hopefully further show my development throughout the course.

I have therefore decided to on my third and final choice, although I will still be attending the watercress festival so will produce the images for the brief as a second option, I feel this will allow me the opportunity to compare two options and give me a strong basis to work from. I will then be photographing at the store early next week so will be working very quickly to get the work in ready for assessment before the last day.


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