Assignment 5: Personal Project – Planning

For this final assignment for the Digital Photographic Practise it is left very broad in regards to subject, outcome or style. Simply offering me, the student the opportunity to put together between 10-12 final images that are subject to a brief set out prior to the photography.

I have aimed to consider all aspects of the course so far, trying to take elements learned throughout to show my development and ability now we are at the end of the course.

I have considered a few options as to what the project can be focused on, initially I felt a focus on a town, city or marked area would be an interesting and large scale undertaking that would show the continued understanding and development of my workflow. While I felt that no matter what project I undertook I would be able to consider and look at ‘seeing like your camera’ within any project I undertook as I feel this is applicable throughout photography. I enjoyed both the monochrome and real or fake assignments and feel as though they could be considered my strongest. I find that black and white photography is very suitable and effective in a number of styles and genres of photography, reportage, street or portrait photography for examples however the options I had been considering for this final project do not have the scope for its inclusion. My other idea, and perhaps my favourite idea for the final project is a product/advertisement photography portfolio where I produce 12 thought out and considered photographs based on 6 items with each being the subject of two photographs. I want to produce a selection of images focused on the products in use or displaying them in an attractive and professional manner. It is with the further consideration and thought on the later idea that I have chosen this one. I think the product photography will enable me to to successful demonstrate my skills that I have gained and developed further from this course through a varied style and ideas.

The brief:

To produce 12 photographs of 6 individual products in a professional and creative manner that both attractively show the product while also giving further idea on its use and quality. Each image will be individually considered while also being combined in a pair with its counterpart on the same product. Each photograph will be constructed and captured under studio lighting conditions allowing for a professional result. Products and props will be purchased new to give the impression where possible of a professional and serious production. The images will be individually considered for mood and style, while the only connection between them is the product.

I aim to stick to the brief as closely as possible, ensuring that I not only cover what I have set out in a professional brief above but also while considering the course guide and teachings itself. I want to finish this course with a strong selecting of images that are both creative and technically good that bring together my personal artistic side and that of this course technically. I believe this idea makes this possible so I look forward to achieving it soon.


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