Save the Rec

For this final assignment of the Art of Photography I decided to photograph both a Vaisakhi Festival and also a community day in Winchester called Save the Rec. I aimed to photograph both to be able to decide which I wanted to complete the assignment with. Now by looking at the images and comparing the narrative qualities of both I concluded that I felt more confident and comfortable with the images depicting the Vaisakhi Festival. I therefore felt I could share the images from the community day to further my planning and understanding with the assignment.

This selection of eight images shows the narrative I was aiming to produce, looking at the day as a whole, focusing on events on offer and the families enjoying the picnics and the recreational ground in general.

I found that on arrival the event itself wasn’t as widespread and varied as I had hoped would give me a larger amount of opportunities into which to photograph compared to what I found at the Vaisakhi Festival where I was struggling to reduce the numbers of potential images, here I found I was lacking in choice.

Although not as successful as I had hoped I am still happy with the small selection of images produced from the day, I feel although not strong on a narrative they are individually a successful overview of the day and each show the community within the recreational ground within the frame.

I will now be working on putting the final assignment together for assessment, the magazine is ready and it is just the supporting text to go.


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