Assignment 4: Applying Lighting Techniques – Feedback

Having now read the feedback a for this assignment a couple of times and looking at the adjustments recommended I can report back.

Again after considering the adjustments and how they work as individual images and also within the assignments the adjustments have made complete sense and improve the assignment.

“The strength of the assignment is your ‘styling’ – suspending the subject on fishing line has given you a number of viewpoints to work with and allowed you to light the background separately”

I am very happy with this opening statement of the feedback, I feel it accurately gives a good overview of the assignment and leads on to further information about the lighting itself.

The comments for the first image was to look at an alternate angle that showed the subject in a more clinical and clean manner that separated the elements of the subject so there weren’t any crossing verticals or parts. I therefore considered the other images I took similar to this one and settled on an image taken with the subject at an angle which although doesn’t completely give a cleaner shape but it does give a much more dynamic view of the subject.

The right hand image shows the original composition while the left hand is what I have changed it too, I feel it improves on the depth of the image and subject while also giving the image a stronger and more solid appearance.

In the second image I have lifted the shadows slightly, resulting in a more complete composition that gives the sense of depth and interest. The adjustments to this image have created such effective highlights that they captivate and capture the eye of the viewer who uses them to effectively understand the shape of the subject.

In the third image I simply had to extend the canvas to give a more pleasing and effective composition that was more considered as opposed to seeming rushed and unthought of.

As is clearly apparent the extended canvas image is still tightly cropped to compliment the offset composition while still being placed evenly within the frame.

With the close up textured images my tutor has said they are successful but it may be useful to look at them even closer, I have done this however I set out to and feel that the multitude of textures within the images shows an observational skill to choose what is photographed.

In the seventh image, which is to show the colour, I have been advised to look at the unwanted shadows which I have reduced as much as possible using Lightroom and have then adjusted the colours locally to increase the saturation evenly to effectively make the image ‘pop’.

For the final image it was noted that the lighting diagram required further information I therefore added a paragraph to this image and the others further explaining my choices and the techniques in creating each image from a lighting perspective.

Overall I have found this assignment to considerably further my understanding and appreciation for studio based lighting, the observational skill, and ability that goes into producing the finished article from placement and prep to lighting and adjustments and also in post production, it is a far more in depth assignment than I anticipated however I feel I have produced with the adjustments a very strong and unique assignment that shows my observational skill when looking at something unexpected in a studio environment.

Please find below the link to the feedback:



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