Exercise 9: Outdoors at Night

In this exercise I am looking at photographing at night in a city location so took to the streets of Southampton just before dusk awaiting the night to photograph the city. This was to look at light, natural and artificial together and separate.

I enjoy photographing outdoors and on the streets in general so this was a nice opportunity to bring the two together for this exercise. Southampton High Street is an interesting area with a mix match of architecture, people, vehicles and lighting. Guildhall Square and the area and the Bargate also gave me a difference in lighting and subject. I tried to encompass the exercise requirements with that of my own style of photography and hopefully the inclusion of some black and white photographs further emphasise my understanding of the light in this situation as I find with black and white the lighting is more apparent and obvious to the viewer. I was surprise with the blue within the natural light as the sun faded until it was the vast majority of artificial light that took over. This enabled not only the required images but also the use of contrast in the colours, reflections and artistic interoperation.

Overall I was very excited as I normally am with street photography to the number of opportunities available and how varied and interesting they can be in nigh time just as they can be in day. I was happy with the images I produced I think they not only show a good understanding of the light available, its uses and techniques when using it but are also of good artistic quality and show my street photography style within them.


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