Exercise 13: Concentrating Light

For this next exercise I am to look more at how we can control the light to produce a specific effect on a subject. In this case I am concentrating the light onto a subject, this could be just an element of the a larger image or concentrating the light around a smaller object to produce a vignette appearance around the frame as I will show below. By using a snoot fixed onto my studio flash unit I was able to concentrate the light onto a specific area. I made the snoot from an A3 sheet of black card fixed into shape with tape and cut at what I hoped to be a good diameter, however I did this conservatively knowing I could cut more back if I needed.

For the first image below I have used the snoot, placed to the right of the frame at the same level across the blue. This has focused the light onto the blue, picking up the colours and texture due to the placement and concentration of the light, it has also ensured the background remains dark so that the colours stand out against it.


For the second image I have taken a different approach, using the concentrated light to surround the subject on a back ground, this has given the subject an elevated appearance with a lighting technique that draws the viewer straight to the subject.

The image on the right shows the set up for the finished image. The strong concentrated light produces the strong and definite tonal range from white of the background to black of the shadows, while the placement of the tangerine slightly off center of the circle allows room for the shadow and just adds a spot of interest in the composition. It took a couple of images adjusting the power settings of the light unit to ensure the right exposure as I was conscious of highlights on the orange. There is a small area but I feel this aids the form of the subject.

I am very pleased with both of these images, the second in particular, using a snoot is not something I have done very much with and it was interesting to see its uses and effects, not only here but also in the work I have seen online with it. The effect of concentrating the light around a subject really ensures it stands out and effectively sets it above the background. It also has a slightly glamorous appearance.





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