Assignment 5: Applying the Techniques of Illustration and Narrative – Planning

For this final assignment of the Art of Photography course I have looked at the course guide and considered the suggestions and how each of them varies while still maintaing a documentary and reportage theme that best suits that of illustration and story telling.

I have therefore considered bringing documentary style photography together with its similar style of street photography as it is something that I have a fair amount of confidence in as a photographer. With the understanding of what I wanted to produce within the parameters of social documentary.

While maintaing the importance of a narrative I wanted to ensure that the subject I chose gave me a multitude of different opportunities, something that had different aspects to it rather than being on the outskirt of an event or simply recording it, I felt I wanted to be amongst something involving people that that allowed for this varied scope. I therefore researched local events for something that offered me the best of what I was looking for. I considered two options, firstly a community day in Winchester called Save the Rec, an awareness day at a local recreation ground earmarked for development, along with performances there will be a selection of sports to try showcasing the best of whats to offer on the community space. Secondly there is the Vaisakhi Festival held at a local Sikh Temple in Southampton, this colourful parade will be alive with smells, dancing and colour as a precession leads the sikh community through the streets of Southampton to the city center.

I feel both these events will give me a very strong and effective selection of images that work towards a narrative to illustrate firstly the importance of the community space and also the religious festivals connotations in this community. I also think the emotive elements in each will endeavour to add an important element of emotion that will add to a narrative.

As long as the weather is kind on the days these events fall on I will certainly photograph both to give me the opportunity to choose which I feel is best suited for this assignment.


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