Assignment 4: Real or Fake? – Feedback

I have recently received my feedback for this penultimate assignment for Digital Photographic Practise, and after giving it some thought and looking into a number of the advice given feel ready to give my reaction.

“The final image shows a good use of humour to make the book cover. The back is more successful than the front.”

I completely agree with this overall statement on the assignment piece, the back cover was certainly more complex in both technically ability with Lightroom/Photoshop and with the camera and lighting while also with the overall narrative to the piece. My basis for this was to have both a complex element to showcase my skills with photoshop and overall ability while also producing a simple yet eye catching and effective cover that compliments the book and grabs the readers attention. I felt having the simpler cover on the front enabled the text element to play a vital role in drawing the viewer and was important information. The initial cover was an elongated three quarter portrait that stretched the height of the cover with the head showing up from the bottom, this was a play on the authors surname Long, and title of the book as he isn’t very tall. My tutor mentioned in the feedback that perhaps this was over done and I feel I have adapted it now to contain the same basis of humour and play on words but by maintaing the figure within the height of the cover and created a smaller selection of images to give the height difference element. I also found the change in overall colour scheme in the cover enabled the text to suit better with the image, this was also mentioned in the feedback for the initial cover so I improved upon the typefaces, trying a variety of styles and including a few in the assignment itself to show my consideration and thoughts. It was also noted in the feedback that the figures on the back cover, the headless body and head on the floor didn’t sit right, this was due to being very basic by just slicing it off in a line. I therefore looked at each individually as I have now shown in the assignment that I edited in myself a more realistic neckline on both elements. I did this in Photoshop creating from an image I found on the internet in a rather disturbed search for a reference! This was an interesting experiment in replicating an element within my own work to produce a specific outcome. With this elements changed and adjusted I also on guidance from the feedback create contact sheets of the individual images that I used to create the final piece, this is a very interesting insight into what I did, the continuity of the images and the range of them.

It was with these changes that I have hopefully not only improved the final piece but also my technically and theoretical insights to the work I have created. Overall I am very happy with the outcome of this assignment, with only minor changes to the images and additions to the text I feel it has been relatively successful. I am pleased with the image aesthetically and it fits the parameters and brief set by the assignment itself and by me. I feel the work could be further improved within a larger scale, something that wasn’t constrained to the proportions of a traditional book cover. This would allow for more artistic development and creative adaptations, for example a complete change across the image in emotion, happy to sad from left to right across the frame but given my brief I feel I have successfully shown the many faces of my subject in a serious and humours way.

Below is a link to the feedback received:

OCA Payne 1DPP04 31 Mar 14


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