Assignment 4: A Sense of Place – Feedback

In this penultimate assignment of the People and Place course I am very happy with the feedback for the work, overall I have found it constructive and correct and has enabled me to look at the work and improve it further.

“A very good assignment that addresses the short comings of some of the other images in the earlier assignments; the strongest assignment to date, which is as it should be!”

This overall comment is what I was hoping for, Im glad my previous assignments have been addressed here, and more importantly I’m glad that my development is visible in my work both photographically and the writing that goes with it.

“It’s not just pictures of buildings. There’s an idea here, a voice drawing attention to how individuals react and respond to being in the presence of this aged edifice.”

Where this assignment is a clear development from the previous three is that I have here combined both elements of the course, people and place along a single idea, throughout the images, be it the main 10 or the others there is an element that strongly pulls the people and place together that shows a strong connection between them in different situations.

The first image was commented that it was ‘well observed’ and ‘the similar colours add a whole level of narrative mystery’ both aspects of which I was happy with and commented on myself. However the perspective of the image was ‘its a bit all over the shop’ which took me a bit to comprehend and understand but after consideration I felt that by cropping the top of the image it would remove the over hanging branches which I feel add an unwanted element that if possible I would have moved away from. I think that by removing them from the frame has improved not only the viewers perspective on the photograph but also a more uncluttered frame.

The second image of the original six was noted as being slightly awkward due to the crop being very tight at the bottom, I have therefore changed the image with a different version of the same frame that gave a more pleasing composition.

The third image of the six was noted that the posters next to the subject head disrupted the image and took the eye of the viewer, quite rightly it was said that if I had taken a step or two to the left it would have improved the composition, as I hadn’t done this when taking the image I looked at image manipulation to see if I could remedy the situation and, I feel successfully, removed the white poster right next to the subject head.



In this fourth image, it was quoted as being “is probably the most enigmatic and graphic of the images. The overall colour quality seems to work better at the smaller size; once the noise/grain becomes obvious through enlargement it’s less pleasant.” I have looked at this image at different zoom percentages and do agree the noise at 100% is not good so I looked at editing it again, aiming to keep my local adjustments very light and not damage the photograph.

The fifth image, showing the close up with shallow depth of field of a tourist taking a photograph was considered to be the weakest of the group, initially I was surprised at this, I felt it was a strong image that showed a variety in scale but do agree in hindsight that the focus is drawn to the out of focus couple and because they are tightly cropped at there fit it unbalances the photograph, I have therefore chosen to remove this image.

The final image was considered the strongest image of the group and know critics were mentioned for it.

In addition to the feedback it was recommended to include a further selection of images in the final group as they seemed the strong enough. I have considered the recommendations and included a selection of the support images for main selection resulting in 10 main images and 17 equally publishable images but perhaps not fitting within the smaller group that flows well.

Overall I was satisfied when I submitted this assignment initially, I felt it was a strong, although a relatively small selection of image, but I have always considered less is always better in certain aspects. I feel the latest submission of images, including the further images added to the main selection improve the submission and maintained the style and voice that was apparent from the beginning. The feedback was correct and constructive and have certainly enabled me to see further into this assignment and in turn a better assignment.

Below please find a link to the feedback received:

Christopher Payne – 510927 – Photography 1 People & Place – Assignment 4


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