Assignment 4: A Sense of Place – Planning

In this penultimate assignment in the People and Place course I am looking at a ‘Sense of Place’, I feel this assignment is an apparent culmination of the previous work in this course. I initially looked at people, focusing on them in portraiture and in an activity, then onto the place, and buildings we inhabit and use and now looking at the complex relationship between people and place. In the assignment brief the images are referred to as being for a ‘considered, in-depth treatment’ travel publication, so a further element of sophistication and consideration will be needed  is required and not to be about promoting tourism.

I have given the subject of the place a great deal of thought, especially considering the mention of a borough in the brief, I don’t think I would have considered anything on that scale before but on further investigation the idea of photographing, say Eastleigh Borough, my local would consist of a vast array of subjects from the beach at Hamble to the town centre Eastleigh and the rolling country side of the Itchen Valley that would also include tourist attractions of The Ageas Bowl and Go Ape. After looking at alternatives, namely that of Eastleigh Town Center itself and also that of some of my favourite places, a stretch of the Itchen Navigation from Shawford to Eastleigh and Lakeside Country Park, where I initially taught myself photography. I continued to think considering places I had photographed before, not because I felt that would give me an advantage or be easier but I felt the idea of revisiting a place I had photographed with a fresh perspective and focus in mind would mean I would see a side that I hadn’t noticed before and take images that advanced my understanding and ability further by drawing two elements together, the people and the place. I therefore felt I needed to choose somewhere that evoked an emotion or a connection and settled on Winchester Cathedral. I know this building relatively well, through a number of visits both photographically and simply as a visitor and felt I had a good understanding on what I wanted to achieve.


Above is a edited diagram I created showing the exterior photographs I wanted to achieve, these ideas were based on previous knowledge of peoples habits, the lay of the land and potential opportunities. I aim to photograph at each of these locations noted, however this depends on people interacting within that location during my visit, however I will ensure I visit each location a number of times to ensure I give each the best opportunity to produce what I am looking for. The rest of the images will focus on the inside of the cathedral and are entirely reliant on what is going on when I visit and the opportunities that arise, it will require me to be quick with my reactions similar to that of street photography. However I am aware that visitors initially congregate at the west end of the building as it is where the entrance feeds into, so feel this may be a good opportunity to photograph groups.



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