Assignment 3: Monochrome – Planning

I am looking very much forward to this assignment, black and white photography has always inspired and influenced me and in a way romanticised photography in general for me. The use of light to create tone, texture, shape and form is a impressive show of control and understanding, especially in still life photography. In street photography, black and white due to its earlier dominance has maintained still its majority, the documentary approach of capturing the world around you is a theme that inspires me greatly and the works of Cartier-Bresson, Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr have continuously made me question the world around me, smile, and appreciate our environment and people who inhabit it. I hope to use this assignment to produce a selection of images that in turn make that impression on the viewer while using the bringing out the qualities of dorm, tonal contrast, texture and key.

I plan on working within Winchester High Street and the Cathedral Grounds, planning a day that corresponds in good weather to ensure I get high contrast and chances of high or low key shots along with texture and form. I will also plan the day to ensure I am there on a market day, these generally happen at the end of the working week and are always a guarantee for a large amount of people to be along the whole length of the High Street, this will enable me to capture people on the move, and see a larger number of people and potential characters. There is also the Cathedral grounds, an area predominantly used by people relaxing and enjoying the view, however this time of year, in the colder months and due to the christmas market being in the area it is a much busier space, there is however still places people will congregate and sit so I hope to capture that as well.

These two images are examples of work I have done before that I hope to continue with in this style, trying to use both space and timing to create interesting street images.


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