Assignment 3: Colour – Planning

The work for this part of the course has I think given me the most to think about so far, the thought process in considering the semiotics of colour, there effect on each other and the overall image has given me a lot to work on and understand and I hope to continue and cement that learning with this assignment. I had struggled with what to to focus on and a theme of these images but purely due to the unexpected beautiful weather I felt that something outdoors was necessary and to take advantage of the natural high saturation from the bright sunny days.

I felt that due to my past assignments focusing on still life and the local area that it was time I looked at the street scene and social documentary. I have always worked in the more traditional black and white in this genre and found this to be a great opportunity to work in colour, in a similar vain to that of Nick Turpin, a professional London photographer and founder of street photography movement iN-PUBLiC. I want to maintain a coherent street photography theme, while still varying the subject from people and architecture to enable a variety of scale.

I plan to focus on two cities, Portsmouth and London, although I will narrow down the areas I will be covering when I am there. I aim to capture all the images I want to use over two weekends one in each city, due to trips already planned to go there. I will aim to keeps within areas that offer me suitable architecture, perhaps colourful if possible but mainly interesting and use street furniture and the people to produce the interest in my image, similar to that of photographer Lee Friedlander.

Due to my lack of previous experience in colour street photography I would normally include my previous work in the style here, to give an idea of my thought process and what I hope to build on. In this case tho I will show here images from the day in London that haven’t made it into the final selection.

I really enjoy the composition of each of these images, particular the image of the Shard, however I found the colour relationships to be rather to subtle to what I had available to me in other images, and especially in the image of the couple in front of the red wooden, the red is an extremely powerful element of the image but the corresponding colours don’t give anything nearly equal enough to work.

Im looking forward to continuing the field work for this assignment in Portsmouth and furthering my understanding for the assignment which I am apprehensive at the moment of producing cohesive descriptions and a clear understanding that corresponds to my images.

For this third assignment I will and have also looked at the work of Paul Graham and John Hinde, two photographers who use colour in different ways but yet with an emotive connotation and effective use of colour relationship and understanding that suits and supports the photography.


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