Assignment 3: Buildings in Use – Planning

In this third assignment I am asked to choose five or six buildings, producing between 2 and four images that describe the way in which they are used in an effective and attractive way. After the first two assignments focused, in my case, on people I wanted to use this opportunity to focus on the place, and photograph the buildings without people, aiming to portray their presence of being in the place without actually being there. As mentioned in the assignment I will try and photograph a variety of buildings, I have had early ideas of photographing;

  • Winchester Cathedral,
  • Either West Quay or Swan Center Shopping Malls,
  • Park I spent my childhood in
  • My old school
  • Eastleigh/Winchester Train Station
  • St Mary’s Football Stadium
  • The Ageas Bowl
  • Mayflower Theatre

I think each of these options will provide me with significant interesting and effetive amount of images to chose from, each have a considerable amount of footfall within them and photographing the effects of these will be fascinating in regards to how that may be achieved in each individual occasion. The selection of buildings also give me a wide variety of architecture from modern design of the Ageas Bowl and West Quay shopping center through my old school of continuous development from the 60’s till today and also that of Winchester Cathedral of early english, norman and gothic design.

For each building, especially those on private property or with children around will require approval so I will attempt to contact each buildings relevant people to confirm the possibilities and discuss with them what will be required to do this, hopefully enough will provide me with the go ahead so I can work with my first choice building, if not in this area I am lucky enough to be surrounded with wonderful buildings will continue to work on them.


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