Assignment 2: Seeing Like Your Camera – Planning

The aim of this assignment is to show an understanding about the camera and how it sees the scenes we are photographing as opposed to how we see it or how we pre-visualize the final edit of the image. With an overall hope that it will teach us the ability to not only capture better images in camera with minimal post production required or to ensure we focus on both highlights and shadows in the dynamic range to produce the best possible image.

The scenarios are;

  1. Street scene in the middle of a clear, sunny day – narrow streets and high buildings which cast deep, long shadows.
  2. Indoor space in which the only available light is strong natural window light.
  3. Photographing people in the shade while the background is in the sunshine, e.g. a group portrait in the shade of a tree.
  4. Early morning or late evening landscapes with low-angle incident light.
  5. Any backlit scene, whether in direct or indirect light.
  6. Scenes which include objects of very different reflectivity, even in flat light such as an overcast day.
  7. Indoor scenes illuminated by a single source of artificial light of high luminance e.g.a desk lamp.
  8. A scene with strong incident dappled light – image 9. These conditions are often found when photographing in a forest in a sunny day.

Selecting a minimum of four I will endeavour to understand and produce images that replicate the scenarios in an artistic and creative fashion that still maintains a strong technical element.

An couple of examples of what I hope to produce for this assignment are as followed, I will aim to emulate and improve upon these early examples of what I will need to produce to ensure I meet both the assignment criteria and my personal parameters.


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