Assignment 2: People and Activity – Planning

For this second assignment I have to produce 10 final images that show a group undertaking an activity or event or a single person at different activities or events. I was tasked with capturing the moments of the event that explained, built on a narrative and gave the viewer a feeling of what it was like. The main things to consider for this assignment was timing, to ensure I get the best moments and situations that could illustrate the sense of the event and the people participating. Also viewpoint would be important, ensuring I would be in the correct positions for specific elements would enable me to capture in the best possible way what I am aiming for.

For this assignment I had two main ideas, firstly photographing a falconry day my grandfather, participating with a group would be doing at the Hawk Conservancy in Andover or a home match of Eastleigh FC, my local conference football team. Firstly the falconry day entails a group of individuals together flying a variety of birds of prey throughout the day, learning about them and handling the animals. I envisage being around the group, photographing them from a safe distance. I feel I will focus on both the birds and the people in tandem, photographing them individually but more so together while also capturing the tutorial elements of the day trying to emphasise the group element. My second idea of photographing a home fixture of Eastleigh FC would focus on the spectators and the ground rather than the game of football, capturing the people and the activity of going to and watching the football. I found the ground would give me an interesting selection of vantage points to capture the moments of celebration, despair and focus.

After much thought I decided on photographing the falconry day, the interest in subject and the interaction between people and animal would be interesting along with the combination of a group of strangers interacting with one another along with the animals.

For the shoot itself I am hoping for a relatively sunny day so the use of a telephoto lens will give its best results and the movement of both people and animal while using my wide angle to ensure I capture group images and along with my 50mm prime lens for close ups of the people and the birds together, the f1.8 aperture will give the image a great blurred background focusing us on the subjects.



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