Assignment 2: Elements of Design – Planning

For this second assignment I have had many ideas, continuing on from the previous assignment I wanted to aim to work towards my strengths again to ensure I got the most out of the assignment and was able to put the most in. I therefore had the following ideas each represented with example of image of mine and a description on my idea.


My first idea was to focus on still life flowers and arrangement, I took this photo with the ‘single point dominating the composition’ image in mind and found it be a rather successful image. The assignment itself would give me good opportunity to consider and look at the work of Irving Penn and focus on it within my work.

IMG_0004My next idea was to focus on a real passion of mine, street photography or social documentary, I love the images produced in this genre and how they can depict life. However the specific elements of design required in each photograph of the assignment needed a subject matter that allowed more control by the photographer and this could have required me to spend a considerable amount of time to get the right photographs.


My last idea was to focus on landscapes, both countryside and urban, to hopefully give me more opportunity for images that require implied triangles and similar to the example rhythm. Landscape is a style of photography I enjoy however have not done very much of, only capturing whats available to me when I’m focusing on other work so this would give me a chance to consider the works of Ansel Adams and Charlie Waite.

The work of Irving Penn interests me very much and the use of studio lighting is something I wish to work with more so I am considering the still life style more, perhaps focusing on flowers as I find them to be a interesting subject with a good scope for interpretation.

Please also see my work on Alexander Rodchenko & László Moholy-Nagy for further research on this assignment.


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