Assignment 1: Workflow – Planning

As I have with the beginning of my Art of Photography course I have considered a number of options for this first assignment, not only for what I am competent at as a photographer but ensuring I get A good initial understanding of this course and produce sufficient images for the requirements. After reading through the assignment brief A number of times I am looking to produce a selection of images in a street photography style. An area of photography I am extremely comfortable with and enjoy doing.

Considering the exercises prior to this assignment I have started to look more closely at my workflow leading up to this assignment, considering the software I use, how to get the most out of it by using the best features for what I require and also my mindset and process. Varying my process and workflow continuously until I have something more suited to myself and my system, I am aware this is a continuously varying situation and I am looking forward to looking at what I am evolving in the assignment.

The photography itself will evolve a day in London I have planned, the perfect opportunity to test and further understand my workflow, knowing I will take a very large number of photographs. The day will include traveling across the city both overground and underground so I hope to produce a strong variety of images, both focusing on people and architecture while giving a variety of scale and interest.


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