Assignment 1: Portraits – Planning

Well for my first assignment in the People & Place course I am to produce a selection of between 5 and 7 portraits of a single person. Portraits have always been an element of photography I have been interested and I am excited to see what I am able to produce for this assignment. My Grandfather, who is always very interested in photography has agreed to sit or stand for these portraits so I look forward to producing a varied selection of images of someone I know so well, I feel this familiarity with the subject will narrow my ability to think of different situations and styles but in a way this will hopefully allow me to produce a more thoughtful and considered assignment.

I aim to spilt the images, doing both location and studio work. I hope this shows in these early stages a variety of my skills and ability and allows myself to gain a further understanding in both disciplines.

Below are two examples of some earlier studio work I have done, at A first attempt I am relatively pleased with the results, compositionally I feel they are successful and I require focusing on my abilities to control the lighting to reduce highlights and to improve creative to improve them, something which I am to work on in this assignment.


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