Assignment 1: Contrasts – Planning

For this first assignment I want to begin the course playing to my strengths as a photographer in work I have undertaken to date, using still life scenarios and tabletop objects. However reading through the assignment brief again I decided a better course of action would be to consider my local environment as well, there for showing an understanding in both still life and found. I felt tailor making the contrast relationships in a still life arrangement would show more control and understanding of the assignment and contrast alongside an understanding of the features in our local areas.

I have planned a random selection of different contrasts mentioned in the assignment, taking  4 at a time to ensure I don’t overload myself with thoughts and run the chance of missing opportunities for alternative photographs. Focusing on my local area for the first group I have made a crude mind map of areas of interest where I feel there could be a potential for a photograph befitting a certain criteria.

In the second group of images I will focus on the still life aspects, using studio and natural light I will focus on producing simple photographs that accentuate the contrasts characteristics.

As part of the assignment I was asked to reflect through my previous photographs at possible contrasting pairs, what I have found follows,


I have found that looking at previously taken images of mine and focusing on them with a intended characteristic has enabled me to go onto see more and understand what I need to do for the assignment so I will be using these as a basis to continue on from with new photographs.


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