Assignment 3: Colour – Feedback

Having received my feedback for the colour assignment of the Art of Photography course in the last week I have had time to digest, re-read and understand the feedback and now ready to respond. The first sentence of the overall comments:

“You’ve submitted an solid collection of images here Chris, together with a detailed description and a final evaluation.”

This is very satisfying as I had mentioned in my assignment I had struggled considerably with this assignment, in understanding it and in motivation so to have produced a ‘solid’ collection of images is great but I feel more importantly the detailed description and evaluation hopefully shows I have grasped the subject and shown a significant understanding.

My tutor stated that in this feedback he tends to focus on the assignment itself rather than the photography, hopefully this means the images are of a sufficient quality showing the requirements of the assignment in an artistic way. I am very happy that the use of street photography as the theme, its an area of photography that I am very interested in and enjoy and as mentioned in the assignment its a style of photography I predominately work completely in black and white so not only was this developing my understanding of colour theory and relationships but also in seeing the street scenes and people in colour rather than focusing on the characteristics that work in black and white photography.

In regards to the feedback on the assignment it is noted on a few housekeeping alterations that would improve understanding when it comes to being assessed, for example clearly noting images with there corresponding text and separating into course specific research study groups as I am studying the three level 1 courses simultaneously. Doing this has certainly cleared up the blog not only for myself and for visitors but hopefully when it comes to being assessed as I feel the three courses although combined on the one blog they are each individually grouped and clearly marked.

The evaluation of the assignment was considered to be slightly lacking in depth with referencing required, I have re-read through this and have adjusted it where possible and where I can quote references and photographers, namely photographers Jeff Wall, John Hinde, as recommended and with further reading of  ‘The Elements of Colour’ by Johannes Itten.

Throughout the course so far I have certainly lacked the contextual references, work on photographers and books not through a lack of interest or desire, purely due to my process of working and this element being very new to me, however it has certainly become more and more interesting, and my desire to look further into this element of the course has grown so I hope to continue on the work that I have already started to produce along with the assignment specific research that I have been undertaking but hadn’t considered using it to form a part of my blog so I will certainly begin to add these elements to the learning log in the near future.

Although I have in the passed had much of my work printed it is very here and there when I do do it and not something I have done in the recent past, however if it gives me the opportunity to achieve a higher mark then I would certainly like to produce some prints for the next assignment and further for the final submission.

Overall I am really very happy with the feedback received for this assignment, I have worked very hard both in the field and with the assignment write up and research so I’m glad I have achieved what is required and look forward to focusing on the light part of the course, with studio lighting being another area of photography I enjoy.



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