Assignment 3: Buildings in Use – Feedback

For this third assignment of the course I was asked to photograph five or six buildings, showing between 2 and four images for each that describe effectively and attractively the way in which the spaces are used. For each building I researched and tried to understand in architecturally and socially and attempted to show my understanding for its design and effectiveness in both my photography and writing work.

This assignment was from the feedback rather disappointing, I felt I had produced a selection, excluding the images of St Cross, a relatively successful and accurate portrayal of what was asked by the assignment.

In reflection to what I have produced I have now replaced the St Cross images with four I  have taken at Eastleigh Train Station for this assignment, I have tried to take into consideration a more abstract view of the building, how people interact with it and my own personal attributes. I have also tried to use a slow shutter speed as a way of giving an interesting view of the movement people take throughout the station and amongst the obstructions and people around them. Where the previous lacked originality I do hope these are more suited as I have intended.

With the next group of images, my tutor has used the metaphor,

“You found some good spots on the banks you needed to fish longer”

Which is certainly an element of street photography I am looking to improve and use more and more, it certainly gets results that are unique and when I have looked at the works of Cartier-Bresson and other notable photographers it is something that continuously gets mentioned. This metaphor was used to explain that the images I had taken were each well identified and framed, but lacked a particular element to grab the viewer.

The third group of images, focusing on the Ageas Bowl, are again compared to the previous of the Swan Center, being well composed and framed, just lacking in the narrative interpretation rather than a descriptive image. However in these images it is mentioned that a piece of litter on the step of the scoreboard image would improve the narrative by giving the impression of use and human contact, this is something I would certainly agree on over the more obvious use mentioned of a leg on the edge of the second image, I feel that would be to obvious and the element of evidence like litter or perhaps a footprint may add to the interest without drawing the viewer to much.

The images of Netley Abbey are described as a ‘a solid professional style result’ which alludes me to the previous comments of this feedback where I should be hoping for something that more focused on my voice as a photographer rather than a commercial feel.

The final set of images, focusing on the Friarsgate Car Park are both in my tutors and my opinion the most successful and I’m glad my understanding of the building and reasoning for them worked well.

Overall I have found this assignment to be both a triumph and a disappointment, I feel I have shown a constant understanding of the assignment however in parts have lacked the quality in the final image to really set it above the rest, while in parts, mainly the last images are more to what I should be aiming for, I will therefore reevaluate this assignment in due course

Below please find a link to the feedback received:

Christopher Payne – 510927 – Photography 1 People & Place – Assignment 3


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