Assignment 2: People and Activity – Feedback

This second assignment of People and Place asks us to plan and execute a set of images of people in some form of meaningful activity, for example, work, sport, social event or activity. For this I chose to take advantage of a slightly different activity, my grandfather was going on a falconry day so I joined him to photograph the days activities.

“A competent response to this assignment that provides a foundation that we can take a step up from.”

The overall comments above I found to be very fair to the images produced. From my initial feedback I was focused on working towards and producing a narrative, and it is comforting to see that this gives us a good concrete basis to continue to work from.

As to the comments regarding my position as an audience member to this activity, that was certainly the case, I was restricted in most parts as to where I was able to be and some parts of the day I was unable to capture at all. I feel this certainly does result in a very peripheral view of this activity. I also completely understand the nature of the difference in a description of what was seen to a commentary, I feel that this is certainly the first example. Although I did certainly aim to capture elements of the day that were slightly more untraditional and more suited to a commentary, capturing moment of expression that look unexpected in the environment, for example image 11. Also compositions that capture more than the individual animal or person, that show the narrative of a group situation and activity.

I certainly take a lot from your explanation and experience in explaining the development of photography over the period of independent newspaper publication, the ability of photographers of that time to think outside the norm were certainly crucial to the advancement and success of the independent newspaper. To constantly adjust and create cutting edge and unexpected view points of situations enables the viewer to really see a side to something they didn’t understand or appreciate automatically capturing there interest.

Specifically about these images, they are noted to be rather noisy for ISO 400, something which I do agree is from sharpening, I have been through the images again and will be adjusting them slightly to produce a better quality finish. Something which I am also consistently now focusing on, trying to control my processing so that I do not over do it on certain elements and leave the photographs to speak for themselves. I also find the comment regarding the series being “too en pointe” to be an interesting critic, although I would agree, as I have previously that the images do have that feel of being from an audience member rather than someone making a statement or commentary on what they have seen, I feel that the selection of images do show an amount of dynamics, perhaps unrefined but there are elements of not capturing the ‘moment’ for example, the first image, showing a group scene, although with an obvious focal point it isn’t the expected, mid take off image, likewise with the tenth and last images, both showing a unique focal point that although is naturally something that attracted me to that exposure but isn’t perhaps more unique than others.

Overall I am very happy with this feedback, I certainly do understand the points made and appreciate the added expertise with regards to the style and effect this photography has, when looked at it from a commentary point of view, which in turn improves the narrative.

Below is the re-edited version of the original images, I have aimed to reduce the noise throughout all the photographs as quite rightly this was noted as being rather apparent even at 400 ISO, I have also attempted to give the collection a more uniformed feel, which was done by holding back on the processing and allowing the natural colours and light speak for themselves which I think makes this a far more aestheticly pleasing group of photographs. I have also linked to these images from the original assignment post.

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Below please find the link to the feedback received:

Christopher Payne – 510927 – Photography 1 People & Place – Assignment 2


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