Assignment 2: Elements of Design – Feedback

In this second assignment in the Art of Photography I am to focus on and incorporate elements that I have learned so far in this course, more specifically this part, and produce between 10 and 15 photographs on a similar subject which show a multitude of visual conditions and effects.

For this exercise I have chosen to focus on a single subject, or more precisely a group of cup and saucers of varying colour on a white background. It was mentioned in the overall comments of this assignment that the strength of this submission was the way I restricted myself to a few elements, like the subject, background, and lighting. It was also quotes that,

“Setting strong parameters for yourself is a good way to approach any assignment.”

Which is something I will certainly be considering in all subsequent submissions. I would also tend to agree with the next point made in that the subject chosen were perhaps not best suited to explain the assignment technically as could be. The cups, under Freeman’s understanding would not warrant being a point, rather they are a shape. I think in this instance I was deconstructing the elements of the cup to create a point, for example the first image, for single point, I have considered the handle of the cup to be the point, however this doesn’t dominate the frame as the assignment asks. I do certainly appreciate that although these images do provide an understanding of the assignment and what is asked it could be certainly improved upon with a change of subject, something I am looking to achieve.

Having considered and adapted my editing for this assignment I will also do my best to consider ratio when producing the final images, I can certainly appreciate, having put together a portfolio for a recent interview that maintaing the ratio is a far more aesthetically pleasing visual.

For the image showing horizontal and vertical lines it is mentioned in the feedback that horizontal line or lines are seen more as a curve, I do not quite understand this, perhaps I have used these along with the repetition to give the impression and overall feel of a horizontal and vertical line rather than a precise line that suits each orientation. This is perhaps again similar to the first image where I have allowed my self to interpret and produce something slightly different due to a lack of understanding with the precise nature required.

Following that it is noted on my impulse to defend or justify my work, I am never satisfied in the greater sense of the word with what I produce, I am always aware of my ability and where my personal ‘standards’ are set. I do not feel I am defending my work when writing about it, naturally I want to portray what works about it and my reasons for including such images, I do feel tho that with understanding this feedback a little more I can include in these assignments my impression of how they can be improved, even before receiving the feedback. I feel that this approach will continue to aid my development and appreciate the comments on this subject.

Distinct, even if irregular shapes, I am glad this image is considered interesting, I felt that the circle within an circle was and a distinct element while the shape within the foam of the coffee contrasted strongly against the rest of the image making it even more distinct. The crop is indeed rather tight and certainly on hindsight I would look to adjust that and give the subject more room to remove the distraction.

At least two kinds of implied triangles, this images is described and being a “succinct idea” something which I would agree with, I have attempted to keep this as simple as possible and the comment is quite right on the ambiguity of the rounded shapes, which work well to give the impression of the triangle shapes.

Overall I was very happy with this feedback however I am interested in how a change of subject may improve the overall feel and interest in the images, so I will attempt this in due course.

Please find below a link to the feedback received:



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