Exercise 4: Addition

For this exercise I am looking at addition in a photograph, and in this example firstly combining two images, exactly the same, varying only in exposure. One exposed ideally for the foreground and another for the sky, this is to combat the cameras own limitations by taking two images at each ends of the dynamic range to ensure all light and colours are truly depicted. This is a very basic and acceptable, in my opinion, alteration to a photograph, the basis of this is not to alter the image through manipulation of a different scene but only to show what is seen by the eye to the best of the photographers ability, rather than to the best of the camera function.

In this next example I am taking one sky from a previous image and applying it to give more interest to the sky in this image, here I am altering the image further than before, and not capturing what was seen in front of me at that time, although in some opinions the end result may be the main goal and that if this improves upon it then so be it, how ever it may also be considered that by the addition of a entirely different sky then we have created a composite image.


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