Exercise 1: Measuring Exposure

For this first exercise of part 4, I made a trip to Portsmouth on a beautiful bright day to capture some street scenes, people and architecture, I found that in this lighting conditions it was interesting and perhaps easier to adjust the exposure up or down to effectively and still aesthetically alter an image. Overall this exercise was to impress upon the photographer that in some situations the exposure can be approved upon compared to what the cameras metering has suggested. In part 1 I have photographed 5 subjects where I have felt that adjusting the exposure has made a positive effect on the image, where as the second part shows a bracketed exposure around what I again felt was the best exposure. None of the images in part 2 have been edited other than reduced size to allow easier upload.

Part 1 images and explanation;

Part 2;

This exercise has been an extremely valuable one in cementing and advancing my confidence in exposure and adjusting it to produce a more aesthetically pleasing image. While also measuring exposure, both in camera and by eye, something I am continuously testing myself on and getting more and more successful at. I think in the selection of images for part 2 I have managed to photograph a varied range of situations that effectively show different approaches successfully. I found that by taking what I have learned here and continuously applying it when I am photographing enables me to focus on the exposure, ensuring its always something, when situation permits, that I look at to adjust and further improve the image.


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