Exercise 5: Selective Processing and Prominence

This final exercise of People & Place is to look at visual prominence of people within an image of them in surroundings. I again chose an image I had taken in London on what has turned out to be a very successful day. IMG_8598This was the original image, a rather flat, uninspired using the interest of the building as a focal point, the people however were rather flat and uninteresting, just blending into the surroundings on the street.



In this image I have made the people even less prominent in the image, by reducing the contrast and colour intensity, especially on the right hand side of the image using a ND Grad filter in Lightroom. This has resulted in an even more uninspiring and flat image that although is lighter on the building showing more of the design the overall feel of the composition is flat and doesn’t take the viewers eye strongly.

IMG_8598-2Now by doing the opposite and increasing the contrast and colour intensity we have created an image that is very strong and eye catching, especially with the blue on the shop front but also giving more depth on the street, by making the colours of the buildings contrasted and the orange of the mans coat standing out it gives the street great depth, however the part of the image that is lacking is the sky where it has been overexposed.

This was an interesting final exercise which confirmed theories that I had began to build throughout this course and has given me an further insight into the best ways of doing such selective processing in aide of prominence within and image.



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