Exercise 4: Balancing Figure and Space

In this exercise I have aimed to produce two images that both show balance between the surroundings and the person/persons in the image, I took both these images in London, using street scenes in both cases I noticed an element of the scene I wished to photograph and waited for a person to give me an added element of interest and perspective to the street scene. In this first instance;

IMG_7966-EditI noticed this sign advertising a smoothie drink, the words “bottom up” made me initially think of someone who walks around with there trousers below there bum, this would have been perfect timing and fitted wonderfully, however I was presented with this opportunity, still showing the back of someone looking towards this sign the balance of the image focuses us on the larger object, the person in the foreground, only then do we go onto look at the sign, as it balances the image well while also taking our eye from the person.

IMG_8060-EditI then noticed this wall, painted with a chalkboard effect with the white stencilling of “Before I die….” it invites people to write there wishes for achievements and such for themselves before they die. I found this to not only be a powerful and emotive idea but also some people didn’t take it with the depth that it was perhaps imagined. I again waited for a person to move within the frame. I took a number of images as this person moved from left to right and I chose this image, because although it doesn’t conform to the idea of walking into a frame, I felt it best balanced the scene and the initial focal point of the large print “Before I die”. I also found that by having him walk out of the frame it gave a sense of I’m to busy for that kind of thing, which I found suited people idea of London. I feel that opposite to the previous image, the viewer is initially drawn to the bold white text and further more the chalk, which leads them to the figure moving out of the frame, rather than initially being drawn to the person, then onto the scene.




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