Exercise 5: Alteration

In this final exercise of part four I am to look at deliberate alteration of an image that in this case results in an area of the image being removed from the image without being aware when looking at the final photograph. I have chosen to remove the sign for these mugs as I feel that it disturbs the rhythm of the image and interrupts the patterns. Although its smallish in size compared to the frame, it is also quite clearly in a tricky place that will require delicate editing around the edges of the mugs and to maintain the consistency of the shadows.

Ethically I find this to be a very tricky alteration, although we are not adding anything to the subject, by taking away we are still changing what the eye sees. In some cases of this which are acceptable to me would be the example I have used, it doesn’t change the focal point of the image, only improves the image qualities, however if photographing a landscape or cityscape, by removing a building, tree or something similar you are significantly altering the environment, which in some stylet of photography, social documentary being one where it would be inappropriate. As mentioned within the previous exercises I believe the use of the more apparent alterations are very specific to the photographer and there impression on what they wanted to create, an example of this would be an image I took in West Bay in Dorset, When I saw this lobster net and the way the net circled in this shape, I knew exactly how I wanted the finished image to look. I therefore took the photograph as close to what I wanted as possible but was unable to get the strong vignette that I wanted so I then applied this to the image in Lightroom.



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