Exercise 3: Enhancement

For this exercise I have used this street portrait that I used in my previous assignment, I have used this image because I feel that although it doesn’t quite fit in with the strict guidelines in the course notes I feel there is a lot of potential in this image and the forty five degree angle may add a trickier element to the editing. I have still continued with the course notes as the guide and adjusted both the skin tones and eyes.

Between the original version of the image and the edited there are vast differences in skin tone and eye contrast and clarity, I achieved this in the manner set out in the course guides with the aim of creating a very delicate and soft skin tone with captivating eyes. The third image, showing the change in hue on the subject skin tone the image has given a soft reddish tone. I think this gives an illusion of warmth otherwise lacking in the lighter original skin tones, this is where adjustments can alter your perspective on the image and the subject. Although this is something very small the feeling of warmth of coolness in certain images is imperative to connect emotively with the viewer so would need to be considered with each image on its own merit. The final image showing an adjustment of the hue solely in the eyes of the subject is very minute in changes, although this adds to the image rather than replaces or corrects it still is very minute in its effect and results, although personally as the photographer knowing it is in the image is apparent I feel that others would be unaware.

I think this exercise has been an interesting one in not only looking at adjustments to skin tones and eyes but also the affects image manipulation has on the final photograph and ones perception on it. I feel although these images have been manipulated in such a way that is clear to see an improvement (in societies sense of the word) that the wrinkles are reduced and the eyes are brighter, however I feel these have been done so in a way that make up and studio lighting could have achieved. I feel that the majority of editing of people, and in most cases women is extremely based on each images own merits, the photographer or clients interrelation on what the final image should look like. With this being said I feel there should be an element of ethics in that the editing should remain faithful and true to a persons identity and physical appearance when used in the commercial industry as to otherwise ensure young girls and teenagers of an unobtainable standard of appearance only achieved through professional editing.


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