Exercise 2: Improvement or Interpretation?

For this exercise I have taken a portrait, framed very tightly on the subjects face. With this image I am to look at isolating the person from the surroundings to make alterations that they stand out against the background whilst still remaining realistic and natural.

Looking closely at the image its possible to see the difference, especially when looking at them side to side. To improve upon the original I have selected both eyes and given them more clarity and brightness to stand out against the high key portrait. I have then reselected the skin tones to adjust them slightly to give more contrast, which I found made the overall portrait more striking against the background.

In the previous exercise I made clear my opinion on post processing techniques, while I am all for them I do feel it is important to get the most out of the camera, so where as these may be considered and improvement in the overall image, they may also be my interpretation of what I was aiming to achieve. Especially in this high key image the eyes are a vital element of colour that would encapsulate someone looking at the photograph, it is then important that my interrelation is at its fullest potential to capitalise on that. While this is certainly achieved in editing software as I become more accomplished and with further experience techniques like this will be achieved in camera with minimal editing afterwards. In regards to this image I feel that regardless of the editing it is still an accurate and honest depiction of the subject.


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