Exercise 4: Colours into Tones in Black & White

This final exercise of the colour module asked for a contrasting still life image using the colours red, blue, yellow and green. It was also noted in the course notes to use even lighting with shadow fill, to achieve this I have placed a reflector to the right of my frame and use a diffuser over the light which helps to reduce the shadow and boost contrast in places.

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In conclusion I found this to be an extremely interesting exercise into the use of filters, something I have done very little with in the past. It gave me a very good basis of knowledge and from my understanding of the results I hope to use this process again in my photography. On the specific results I was perhaps most surprised with the overall tone given to the image when using the green filter, I am unsure that perhaps the overpowering colour and saturation of the background has had an added effect on this image. Similarly the red filter is extremely similar to the green, allowing for a fraction more detail. Whereas the blue filter seems to still keep the same overall colouring but with far more highlights and details in the Lego name and Kool-Aid packets which give an interesting contrast to the image.


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