Exercise 8: Colour into Tones 2

In this exercise I am to add a practical element to the use of channel adjustments to achieve a specific effect. To do this I have chosen a portrait image in which I aim to lighten to complexion of the model without altering the tones of the rest of the image.

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For this exercise I have after converting the image to a standard black and white adjusted the colour channels to reduce the skin tone, I achieved this rather successfully with only minimal changes in the background. I used the red colour channel, changing it from -19 to +50, this has given the model a light complexion which meets the brief, although there is a small amount of difference in the building to the right of the image, it doesn’t stand out in the final image.

Overal from these previous exercises I have understood more about the tones in black and white photography and how using image manipulation how much it is possible to adjust them individually. Black and white photography has always been something I have enjoyed thoroughly be it architectural or street photography so have over the years understood more about seeing a photograph in black and white and how they may be effected by the tone and form which this project and I’m sure subsequent assignment wile continue to improve my abilities.


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