Exercise 7: Colours into Tones 1

In this exercise I have been asked to look at how different colours turn into tones when an image is converted into black and white, the control we have on them as individual colour channels when photographing in RAW and the image manipulation possibilities.

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By darkening the greens we get a slightly more acceptable image compared to the opposite when referring to the original black and white image, the dark green grass although unnatural is an interesting texture still showing elements of detail. Compare this to the sky in the same image which by lighting the blues we have lost a lot of detail, only leaving parts of the clouds which a broken up by the chimneys.

The opposite image, with a darkened blues and lighter green gives a far more surreal appearance that is unnatural and overpowering with the only apparent attribute being the row of houses seems to stand out more, due to being between to very opposing colours.


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