Exercise 6: Strength of Interpretation

For this exercise I have to look at two previous images that would either suit a strong increase in contrast or low/hi key treatment.

Firstly this image for strong increased contrast which I have done by using a pronounced S-curve with the tonal curve.

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With both these images having had an increase in contrast I feel that although the deep blue colour is appealing the black and white image adds more depth and atmosphere to the image, the form of the arches with the added contrast really make them stand out alongside the dark shadows in the image that create the mystery and atmosphere.

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These two images have both been editing with a low key treatment. Firstly the colour image, the sky and surrounding area is very clear and light, giving the impression of a very cold day however the loss of detail on the building gives the image a very unappealing feel that looks underexposed on the focal point, comparing this to the black and white image where although still dark in places the shadows and highlights give an interesting form to the building.


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