Exercise 3: Managing Colour

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In this first image which I took deliberately for this exercise was taken with an incorrect white balance which gave a blue cast across the image due to the tungsten setting. To right this overall colour cast I opened the image up in Lightroom 5, dragging the white balance indicator until it settle upon 5500, this gave the image an even and true colouring to the image, It then required a small amount of further post processing, I raised the exposure slightly and reducing the highlights to ensure the sky wasn’t burnt out.

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In this image the still life of the tea cups is hindered by what looks like a brownish pink cast across the image, I was aiming to produce a very soft, subtle pastel coloured image that was highlighted with the background with soft detailing and colours. I removed this firstly by again adjusting the white balance slider until I was comfortable with colouring of the tea cups, I then to compliment this, raised the highlights and whites in the image slowly until it gave me an off white colour, I then adjusted the colours of the tea cups by reducing the shadows.

I found this exercise and the last one have helped me to consider the steps taken to remove a strong colour cast from an image, it has also made me realise to what potential I could push my image editing software and how much more I could get out of an image if required.


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