Exercise 2: The Users Viewpoint

I enjoyed the thought behind this exercise, trying to think of occasions where a persons viewpoint may be very personal to themselves or one persons view amongst many. I again wanted to get the most out of my time at The Ageas Bowl so attempted a couple of ideas, which after looking at and considering there viewpoints and what they show I felt that both photos were rather different, even though showing a persons viewpoint. The second viewpoint I wanted to capture was that of a person at the library, I found that to be interesting space that allowed for three images along a narrative.

Firstly The Ageas Bowl, I wanted to capture a persons viewpoint from the stand, although I was there on a day without anyone else I felt this gave a good impression of what the view would be like for this person.

IMG_4819-EditI took this image, using two exposures, split just above the railing on the grass, I wanted to show the users viewpoint from the high seats of the stand but my focal length limited the image to just below the opposing stand, I felt it was important to include this and the sky to give the image a stronger context. I think this shows the users viewpoint well and by including the legs it adds not only to the context of the viewpoint but also the interest of the image with the blue contrasting well with the green.

IMG_4840This second image from The Ageas Bowl was taking in the bar area, having stopped for a coffee I found this to be an interesting viewpoint, having the table with drink and camera gave me detail in the foreground but also past the windows the faint structure adds depth and draws the viewer through the image from the viewpoint. I think this image although slightly overexposed in the sky, gives warm tones and accurately depicts the viewpoint from this point in rather low seats. The balance of the cup and camera work well and complimented my the structure they pull the image well into an interesting composition.

Secondly Eastleigh Library, when I first read this exercise this was the first idea that came to mind, I thought this would be an interesting way to explore a very basic narrative from a users viewpoint. I then with some help worked out the positioning for each shot, trying to capture this from the precise position required, firstly this image was taken at complete eye level looking towards the book case.

IMG_5137Stood back, perusing the book case from the correct eye level I used the line of the lights to base the image, using them to draw the viewer into the image further with the depth created by the, while the main focus is the book case itself, the user is looking at the selection and deciding on which to choose.

IMG_5128This second image then shows from the users viewpoint them reaching for the chosen book amongst the others. I like this image, I think the curve of the arm works well against the straight line of the shelves, while the books leant to the left compliment the shape of the arm well.

IMG_5122This final image now shows again directly from the users viewpoint the final part of the narrative, reading the book. I like the slightly off white background in contrast to the book and hands. I think this helps differentiate the frame of the image and the background from the book, The placement of the hands is interesting and although not level this adds an element of interest to the image.

I think the narrative, although basic the images shows a continuous viewpoint from a single persons perspective. This allows us to follow a story or a development while continually being a part of the process, this builds our understanding of the person and also of what they may be trying to achieve. I enjoyed this exercise, I found it interesting to consider images from other peoples perspectives and my own. Its given me more of an understanding on how viewpoints in any type of photograph can have a significant effect on its success against a brief and its important to consider, where possible to initial placement of the camera and photographer in relation to the subject.


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