Exercise 2: Managing Tone

I opened the original image in Lightroom firstly adjusting the lens correction settings to the right profile, I then edited, cropping in to the focal point of the image, fitting the tree nicely. The image then required an adjustment of the tone, the mix light scene, fluorescent and daylight made it an awkward exposure which I rectified with the white balance tool, selecting 5950 temp and +19 tint, this gave me a really good colour to the image that was true to how I saw it. Once I achieved this it was important to ensure that the tree had sufficient detail so I boosted the exposure by 1.35 and reduced the blacks, this gave the tree a greener feel with the black giving a nice definition there and throughout the image. I then reduced the highlights by 23, this gave the top of the image a more textured feel as I felt it looked to burnt out. I finished off editing this image using the contrast and then the clarity tool, I boosted the contrast to 40, this gave me a strong saturation of colours, really making the christmas tree stand out, and the couple beside it more interesting. I then used the clarity,  this is a tool I found that gives a really interesting effect on particular images, especially with an area of detail like the christmas tree in this image, however I do find that it is often a case of less is more so there fore I put the clarity to +30. I then applied a medium amount of sharpening when exporting with Lightroom for screen.

I feel the edit here certainly gives the tone of the image a more flattering look, it gives it a warm feel due to the lighting but also true colours that make the focal areas of the image stand out against a darker area. The crop and framing of the image give it a good feel of context while also still being aware it was obviously shot from a higher vantage point.


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