Exercise 6: An Organised Event

For this exercise I have chosen to photograph a local conference football match, having been many times before I was able to use this as research on what to expect, timing wise and photo opportunities whilst there. I also planned to go on a day when I felt the weather being favourable, with the brighter light being available I would be able to use a higher shutter speed more comfortably to ensure a sharper image of the action.

IMG_0377 IMG_0390 IMG_0394 IMG_0442 IMG_0455 IMG_0477 IMG_0573 IMG_0667 IMG_0691In these images I have tried to show a larger angle of view, simply to give the viewer more on an insight onto the event and surroundings. I think these images work well, first capturing the action while also showing a larger angle of view and where possible the spectators as well.

In conclusion I think these images although interesting images in there own right, they perhaps do not show enough of the event as its whole, I think I will look at the images from the day again and see if there are anymore that illustrate the event in a more substantial manner.



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