Exercise 7: A Public Space

For this final exercise I was asked to look at a public space, an area which is frequented by the public an a semi organised fashion. For this I again chose the Winchester Market and the surrounding roads and parks. I have attempted to look at how groups of peoples and individuals use the space and how they interlock.











I really like this images and feel as a group they show what I was aiming well. Not just tight street shots of people but actually within there surroundings and environment they are in. It also helps to emphasise the difference in people, for examples in image 8, the difference between the couple sat on the wall and the single man are obvious but they are both sat in close proximity looking at the same views and it shows how completely different people see the same things but Im sure they each took something very different from the view, which from there is looking at the magnificent Winchester Cathedral. The theme continues throughout the images, showing different people close together in a public space, or even how people stood alone can be isolated even amongst a large group of people and in the case of image 6 she is isolated further, focusing on a phone call.

I found this exercise in a similar manner than the others, I was interesting concept to add over street photography which for me is an enjoyable genre. I feel that this part of the course has really pushed that further and made me consider a number of different uses of kit and also the way to look at images and how to approach them.


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