Exercise 5: Standard Focal Length

In this exercise I am to take a selection of images using a standard focal length, which on my camera is around 32mm, this gives us a perspective of normality, generally keeping the image to as we see it through our eyes. This was an interesting exercise, requiring me to move in and out of a subject to ensure the the frame and composition are interesting rather than having a snapped appearance just to get the shot.

IMG_3605 IMG_3611 IMG_3612 IMG_3619 IMG_3630 IMG_3640All these images were taken at the standard focal length and apart from the first one I like each image. However in hindsight the first image seems to  be very snap shot-esque for my liking, I was trying to capture the tonal range and contrast between the two hands holding but I feel that its not clear enough to be worth while. However in contrast to this I feel the remaining image are well framed, and composed well, however in this exercise these shots were all taken relatively quickly with although a lot of thought it was very quick process in my mind as to seeing it and what I wanted to get from it so I feel these images could all still be improved upon themselves.

This exercise coupled with the two previous have really helped me see what the lenses and focal lengths can do in this situation and how they each have there purposes when photographing people and place, they have certainly opened my eyes up to using a wider selection more often.


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