Exercise 4: Close and Involved

For this exercise, is pretty much the opposite of the previous, instead of using a large focal length to get distance between myself and the subject here I am asked to use a wide angle lens ( 28mm or less). This is something I have done a small amount of before, to really focus on smaller focal length rather than just using what I feel is necessary to get the shot I can see.

IMG_3476 IMG_3617 IMG_3666 IMG_3673With all of these images being taken from between 18-28mm they have required me to get real close to fill the frame, or in some cases, which for example the third image, by using a different perspective I was able to get an interesting wide angle shot that gave us a lot of context but still kept the subject as the focal point. The second image was also an interesting image I took crouched down near my bag after changing lenses, as I went to stand I noticed these ladies and immediately put my camera to my eye, staying low down I managed to capture one of my favourite images. I feel this is one of my strongest images of the day, its interesting, quirky and also compositionally a very strong image.

I really enjoyed this exercise I find once I have the confidence and am able to move freely around a place I am able to either grab the shot either of them unaware of I give them a smile and show them the camera and normally they comply. However I love capturing a subject completely as they are as a person, even for just that split second. Its a person who they are or were and its a wonderful thing to achieve.



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