Exercise 3: Standing Back

In this exercise I am asked to use a larger focal length to detach myself from the subjects and to see if there are any difference in images. I used my 75-300mm lens, predominately at the higher end of the scale. Although at the time this felt very intrusive after a little while the shots I was getting made it worth while, I had never really used the telephoto when doing street before, but the ability to really focus on someone with a larger degree of confidence they wont stare back at you.





These images show an interesting cross of people and expressions, I especially like the last two. With the first of the two being an internist image of a lady caught with her eyes closed listening to a pair of opera singers in the high street, she was stood alone in front of them completely still with her eyes closed taking in the sound. I felt her facial expression showed a concentration, which added to the interest for me.  While the last image which is a straight almost full length portrait to me shows a women on a mission, she seems very purposeful and with that slight look to the side and scrunched facial expression she looks annoyed. I really like this image, the distance was slightly less than the others but I like how the frame is tight but still gives us enough context.

I found this exercise to be a real eye opener with regards to using a telephoto lens when shooting street, Its not something I had ever done but will certainly be doing more in the future, I like the differences it produces however with all longer focal lengths the images to tend to feel flatter but I think that by focusing on a person or something so specific the interest of that point can really enrapture the viewer enough.


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