Exercise 2: Capturing the Moment

For this exercise I attempted to find myself a good vantage point on which to people watch, to try and study peoples movements and to judge when a moment may appear, I found after a little while it was best to keep the camera to my eye and to use this to method to aim to be ready to capture the moment when presented, or if. The images below are all exampled of different moments within people lives to capture:

IMG_3487This first image shows a women intently on her phone walking down the high street, with what can be seen as a little smile and, I was wiling and hoping that she would look up but she didn’t at all, it was impressive she didn’t bump into anyone.
IMG_3673This image was take very quickly as I notice he took his glasses off, I was just over a meter from him so was very close to have a camera pointed at him but he was intently watching over the side, I really like this image, I think its an interesting and quirky moment with interesting facial expression.

This was a great exercise, I found by having to capture the specific moment I was taken in more to people watching in an attempt to get the best moment, although there may be more generic moments out there I felt these both captured an emotion which adds depth and in turn draws the viewer in.


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