Exercise 1: Developing Your Confidence

For this initial exercise of the people unaware section we have been asked to basically get comfortable and confident with photographing people without the prior consent or expressed permission in a situation within the public. This is an element of photography I really quite enjoy, although I find I need to be in the right frame of mind to get the best out of the situation. I have chosen to utilise Winchester market for a number of these following exercises, it gives me an interesting and beautiful setting with a large number of people in a public space with, lots of interaction and commotion.

IMG_3409 IMG_3423 IMG_3436 IMG_3476 IMG_3482 IMG_3571 IMG_3585 IMG_3682These are a selection of images that show my developing confidence, although these images are not in order of time they do however show a variety of angles, closeness and also situations and poses. I especially like the third, fourth and fifth image. Firstly the third image for me shows an interesting difference in emotion, balanced extremely well and also the complete lack of interest by the lady to what is going on beside her. The fourth image is an interesting composition, well placed and balanced complimented well with the tonal range and facial expression. And lastly the fifth image is quite opposite to that of the forth, the subjects are walking out of the frame but I still feel the image is balanced well with the push chair and lady adding some depth along with the path itself.

This was a good exercise to start this part on, the confidence side of street photography is one of the biggest hurdles for many photographers but for me its one of the most rewarding when I am able to capture that one spilt second moment that wont be repeated.



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