Exercise 8: Rhythms and Patterns

In this final exercise for the part it asks for one image each to represent rhythm and pattern in photography. Rhythm in photography is the often quoted as being when a repetitive subject is visible throughout the frame, seen commonly in architecture. Pattern is often numerous things together in a tight composition that give an illusion of being placed in a pattern or they just naturally draw the viewers eye through the image.


IMG_3296To show rhythm I have photographed this wall of graffiti as I felt it showed rhythm well, the way the rays of the sun interlock with the white around the image draw your eye around the image, taking in different aspects each time, and by placing the center the the left it has added an interesting effect to the composition which elongates the image.


IMG_3062I have chosen this image to represent patters, the textured end of this buildings is built up with rectangles which work well across the image, and with the tree in the foreground, it doesn’t just add depth but also breaks up the image and pattern, giving us more to look at.

I enjoyed this exercise, patterns in rhythms are something that appeal to me as I do enjoy architectural photography and feel that is an interesting and common scene to find strong examples of both. This exercise and indeed this part of the course has helped me to advance some basics in photography and to consider at each opportunity how composition, contrast, lines and form can really improve a photograph.



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