Exercise 7: Real and Implied Triangles

In this exercise I have looked at how triangles appear in images, be they obvious triangular shapes or implied, but subjects or the composition alluding to the shape of a triangle, first here are the real triangles I photographed.


Firstly these repetitive triangles on the roof of a building, they narrow in size due to perspective but the depth makes them interesting.
IMG_3276This image of a garage in shadow shows a triangle shape within the roof acting as a skylight, I liked the singularity of the triangle amongst the straight lines which I felt helped it stand out.IMG_3263

This final image shows a number of triangle within the roofs of individual extensions, the perspective on each is different due to the angle of view but the repetitiveness of the image helps to make them obvious.

Implied triangles:

IMG_2282This first image of the implied triangles shows a rather close up profile of a photographer in London, the lines of his arm, bent to take a photo and his head imply an interesting and rather subtle triangle which i feel work really well.
IMG_3293This architectural image uses the top of the building to create triangles within the form, namely the wall with the ladder attached to it, while also the the negative space of the angle shown by the building on the right.
IMG_3305This final image uses the underside of the stairs, coupled with the shadows to produce a triangle. The placement of the foot of the stairs helps to draw the eye around the triangle.

I found this exercise to be harder than I expected, having found the lines project relatively straight forward I was somewhat expecting the same, however, more so with the implied triangles it took a fair bit of thinking and exploring to truly produce something I was happy with and also filled the brief which these images do. I think the first image of implied triangles is by far the strongest, its an interesting image with depth and texture that works extremely well in showing the triangle.



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