Exercise 5: Curves

To finish the project on lines I looked at curves, how the work in an image and what they add to them image, I found this exercise relatively easy as I have done with the previous, however once again its not just a case of snapping the curve, the composition and lighting pays a big difference to the finished image, when your looking at how best to show the curve in the best possible way.

IMG_2492This first image of curves show the inside of a church window, the curves within one another creating the recess which holds the stain glass window. I really like the lighting on this image and feel it really helps improve the contrast to make these curves stand out.
IMG_2519I have used a curve here to frame the image, the archway provides an interesting point of depth while also adding to the composition of the image, the darkness around the image frame the subject, making us draw into the image while the added curve of the path add to that too.
IMG_2529This image although similar to the above use curves in a different way, the curves in this photograph divide the subject rather than just frame the image, I feel this shows an interesting and perhaps uncommonly use of curves within an image.

IMG_3221This final image, of a floor mural depicting the town of Eastleigh, the numerous curves in this image over power the viewer drawing there eye across the image in no real order or cohesion. Although as an abstract image it works well and the bold contrasting colours and detail make the image stand out well.

I feel this exercise continues on well from the previous, the interest in seeing these curves, lines and diagonals in everyday life and then taking the time to correctly photograph them has given me more of an understanding of how important it is to take time over images and ensure that not only you create the best image possible but also in a way thats understandable to you, the photographer.



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